It started with a story of love and meeting cultures. When Tim Tam’s husband gave her an intricately sculpted stone from his hometown, Burma, she accented them with excavated beads and came up with a wonderfully cohesive result – a necklace.

Just like the necklace, Tim Tam Ong’s pieces each tell a unique story and personality meant for every individual. Whether they are adventurous, classy, feminine, Tim Tam’s creations are out to make their beauty and characteristic shine.

“My designs are a happy mix of modern femininity and subtlety, with elements of old world charm,” says Tim Tam.

Using carefully sourced and rare materials from her travels all over the world, Tim Tam keeps each piece of the collection one of a kind and draws inspiration from her equally unique clientelle.

“I create my pieces so that they are as original and unique as a fingerprint, and each piece is meant for someone in particular. Like they’re fated to have it,” shares Tim Tam.