Tim Tam Ong is a jewelry designer from the Philippines. What began as her passion for beautiful things, flourished to an art form she now expresses through fashion, furnishings and jewelry at the lifestyle boutique TIM TAM ONG.

Her flair for creativity and beautiful things started young. The  love for designing was heavily brought forth and influenced by the women in her life. The daughter of an interior and furniture designer Cezette, Tim Tam was exposed to design and aesthetics early on as she began her love for fabrics, colors and craftsmanship. Tim Tam’s grandmothers also played a big part in honing her passion for art. An owner of a fabric store, Tim Tam’s grandmother Bella let her play with swatches of embroidered fabric in the store whenever young Tim Tam visits. And of course, Grandmother Nora, whose home was always tastefully decorated with unique ornaments, influenced Tim Tam in distinct details and pretty patterns.

It was right out of college that Tim Tam’s love for beautiful things morphed into serious business as she decided to open shop. Her entrepreneurial spirit, which was highly influenced by her grandfather, carried out her dreams and ideas into action and can now be seen through her Collection.